What We Do

At the Drama Turg Theater, we nurture new artists, including writers, directors, choreographers, and actors. Kids improve their communication skills and enhance their confidence (and self-esteem) levels through classes that teach productions for children.

Performers share valuable skills in lighting, construction, painting backdrops, acting, sewing costumes, editing sound effects, building staircases, etc. Both novices and experts in different fields mingle at the theater, with the latter sharing their knowledge with novices.

As a result, valuable theatrical skills and craftsmanship are passed down from one generation to the next within the community. Small local businesses or companies can advertise their products and services at the theater during a performance.

We encourage socialization at the theater, encouraging creation of new friendships. Unlike online platforms such as YouTube, we encourage theaters to showcase ancient classic stories through drama and play.

Taking part in the storytelling allows performers to share important life messages and explore what it truly means to be human.

At Drama Turg, we offer information on the role of drama and theater in local communities. We showcase all the information you’d love to know about theaters and theatrical performances, including benefits to both actors and audiences.

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