The Role of Digital Tools in Increasing The Online Presence of Theater Actors

August 18, 2020


Digital technology came as a blessing to theatre actors. Gone are the days you had to buy newspaper space to advertise your product.

Currently, everything is at the tip of your hands. With access to smartphones, information is at the tip of your hands.

As long as you have access to the internet, information, tips and guides are a click of a button away.

The pride of theatre actors is an increased fan. Imagine when you have a show, and the theatre hall is half full?

At that point, you have to rethink your marketing strategy or your level of theatre expertise.

Why do you think the actors need digital tools?

  • Increases fan base
  • Hastens production process
  • Support social connectivity
  • Enhances your creative skills
  • Offers affordable and straightforward marketing strategies

Although digital technology came as a saviour, it’s unrealistic to have all digital tools for your acting activities.

Some are free while the best are paid versions. Therefore, you need to run due diligence and check on areas of weakness and capitalize on those while using digital tools.

For example, if you are deficient in social media posting and management, you need scheduling tools to run repetitive tasks.

It helps to give you ample time to concentrate on more serious things.

What are the relevant tools ideal for theatre actors?

1. Website domain

The million-dollar question here is yes; there is the internet, which is just a technology protocol.

It’s an online street where everything in terms of information can be found. Now, as a theatre actor, how will people get you on the digital streets?

A website or blog is a secure online tool that acts as a shop where people can walk in and come out at will. As they walk in, what do they find?

  • Is your website user-friendly?
  • How is the visual outlook now that you are in the creative industry?
  • What makes people stay on your site?

All these questions can be answered using a reliable website domain. Authority Automation says to pick Bluehost over the competition because it is the best choice for a website for this specific population.

2. Social media networks

People must interact with you. You have to engage them as a way of showing solidarity with their fan support.

Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook are the most common social media platforms.

Youtube in specific is a must-have digital device; it throws you to the market with your humorous acting shots.

You can monetize it, but its main aim is to act as a marketing tool to ensure people know you.

It’s this that will direct them to your website to get more information.

3. Online marketing tools

The only way people can know of the existence of your shop is through marketing. Online marketing tools support the dissemination of information to the global market.

It promotes your theatre activities, unlike traditional media options.

Moreover, it comes with data analytics, which gives you a clear view of the success or failure of the marketing campaigns of choice.

4. Online payment systems

What if when you want to host a payable show? Don’t you think it’s essential to make your website a one-stop-shop?

Let everything be supported on the system. Once they show interest in attending your show.

Integrate an online payment system to avoid people thinking twice whether to purchase or not.

This controversy comes when the payment system is a process, mostly involve physical movement.

But, if it can be done at the tip of your hands, why not? Is that not an excellent way to increase revenue for your theatre business?

5. Digital communication tools

You have to communicate with your producers, video editors, theatre house managers, among other personnel in the industry.

Whatsapp groups are the norm in the digital market. With one word, you have sent a memo to all group members for quick action.

Emails and private messaging platforms are also a blessing to ensure you never miss important information for timely feedback.

It’s disgusting to wait for someone to reply to a text on social media. That’s how people have lost huge contracts.

These are must-have digital tools for you; however, the specific brand now depends on your target audience.

It’s crucial to involve digital experts on this to ascertain what works for you at that particular time.

Are you a theatre artist, are you using the analogue phone. If yes, then this is not a business for you.

You need to upgrade to a digital smartphone to enhance efficiency in the delivery of these services.

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