Playing Pingpong To Keep Theater Actors Physically Fit

October 30, 2019


Working as a theater actor can be quite challenging. Not only are you using all of your emotions to convey a message to your audience, you often have to play pieces that are physically very straining as well. Most theater plays have dances in them that are quickly followed by intense acting or decor building. Staying physically fit as a theater actor is a must. But even though it is a great benefit to be fit, there are some alternatives that can be done instead of going out to gym. And instead of giving up physical activity to remain fit completely, we suggest another strategy; Pingpong.

The benefits of pingpong

Pingpong is a sport that, if done right, keeps you extremely fit and flexible for your theater practices. If done competitively enough, it will increase your cardio as you get tired from the long rallies with opponents of similar pingpong strength. An additional benefit is that playing pingpong on a regular basis increases your reaction speed. This is especially beneficial for theater actors that often have to act out quick monologue or strict dances.

Convenient for theater players

Playing pingpong to stay physically fit is especially convenient for theater players that are on the road a lot or that have performance times that vary per week which keeps them from creating a consistent training habit. Buying a pingpong table for theater actors to stay physically fit is perfect since they are often together before or after their practices, performances or rehearsals. They can play competitively or friendly games of ping pong before or after their shows to stay fit. This eradicates the need for the actors to go to the gym and allows them to remain fit nonetheless.

A fun game

besides keeping you fit, pingpong is a very fun game. When you get the hang of it (which is often quickly after you start playing) the games with your friends will become more and more competitive. Theater actors are often competitive by nature and will most likely enjoy the pingpong game. Having a pingpong table around and preferably insight will often spark the desire to play a nice game of pingpong before or after the theater practice. In no time, pingpong will be a fun game that unconsciously keeps those who play it fit for their plays and performances.


So are you a theater actor or a trainer who wants to keep himself or their team of actors fit, buy a pingpong table, some batches, and some pingpong balls and off you go. Before you know it, those pingpong balls are flying over the table like you’re in a Wimbledon stadium. You will get fit from playing pingpong if you keep playing competitively on a regular basis if you keep playing for a few weeks on end. And who knows, maybe you will discover some hidden pingpong talents!

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