How Router Tables Revolutionize Stage Productions

May 6, 2019


Theatre acting is a very stylistic form of performance that requires a lot of attention. Acting to be provided with the best stage for showcasing what they have, a stage is perhaps the main element of performance in a theatre or showroom. There are many benefits that actors and the audience get from a quality stage. A stage allows the actors to directly and easily address their audience without having to strain. It also gives the actors permission to divide their house or class in order to display various aspects of performance. Nonetheless, a stage enables the actors to face the
audience or give them back when they want during the performance. Additionally, the audience is also permitted to have a clear vision of what is happening by viewing a performance on a raised platform.

However, stage performance in a theatre is usually made possible through the application of various woodworking tools. One of these tools is the router table. Have you ever asked yourself what is a router table and why is it important in a stage production? It’s a tool that contains a wide level base that can be mounted by various cutters and other instruments. It’s a very useful tool that has many benefits. Firstly, designing quality and standard stage involves a lot of activities such as making different cuts on fitting materials. Some materials need to be made in different shoes and sizes in order to fit in the given space. A router table allows the designer to make all the necessary cuts without any hindrances. Multiple cuts can also be made according to the requirements of the stage.

Secondly, a router table gives the highest precision in terms of measurement. Building a theatre stage requires a variety of measure materials with some of them being portable while others are permanent. A router table allows the worker to make the right measurements. It saves the time of the work simply because it permits him or her to carry out some procedures accurately and quickly than what other tools could have done.
Thirdly, most performances that are done in the theatre often rely on portable stages that can be modified any time the actors need. A router table is a very portable instrument that requires no installation procedures. It can be availed for use any time it’s required. It’s easier to set it up and make the necessary modifications that are needed during a given performance. Additionally, it’s very efficient in terms of performance especially after using it several times. Generally, it promotes stage production due to its portability and functions.

An ideal router table has a flat top, a miter plate, T-slots, and a flat base. Nevertheless, it should be made of materials that make it flat, rigid and stable. Preferably, go for the one that is made of phenolic material. These are some of the best characteristics of a router table.

Ideally, the best router table is Kreg PRS1045 which you can find in It contains all the necessary features that will suit your needs effectively.

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