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Drama and theater play a significant role in the community.

Lifetime theater hobbyists and aspiring actors get a platform where they come together to hone their artistic skills or craft. The cast and crew working on any play works towards a common goal, giving them a sense of accomplishment. They also develop teamwork and a community spirit.

Cast and crews get a second family, a sense of pride in their work, and a support system in the community theater.

The community can come together to celebrate teamwork and creativity, atop the theater giving back to its stage performers.

Audiences are guaranteed exciting experiences every time they set out to watch a local production. Theaters provide a platform for an evening out between couples, leading to long-term relationship or even marriage; those already in marriage get more time to bond with spouses.

You can discover a new interest or passion at a local theater or make new friends. Performances also offer fun experiences for memorable moments later.

Theaters and drama are also entertaining and educative apart from being social.

High school students can watch plays of set books they’re studying in literature such as a Shakespeare production. This eases students’ learning process in the classroom, helping them better understand the plays.

Most musicals and plays performed in theaters showcase important events in history. They can ignite an idea for class project research or bring out the writer in you. This is truer for topics that haven’t been performed much.

As a place for life-long learning and making new discoveries, you can discover a new hobby, life path or even a relationship at the local theater. It teaches critical life skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and the confidence to speak in public.

Drama and theater contribute to local arts in the community, and offers catharsis to performers and audiences. It also strengthens the community’s cultural sector. Theaters are safe for people of all ages, experiences, cultures, and backgrounds, with a common goal. Attend a local theater to watch amazing drama and other performances as a way of supporting arts and culture in your community.


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