Drama Turg is a local drama and theater website that allows actors and other performers,
including audiences to access information about community theaters and their range of benefits.

Drama Turg provides information on community theaters and their importance in the modern world. Theaters are important to a community’s general health, enriching the lives of locals when they take part in theater productions or simply visit as viewers. The advocacy site showcases the role of theatrical performances in the life experiences, age, diversity and arts in local communities. Theaters offer expanding experiences and life-changing experiences.

Theaters impact the youth, communities, seniors and local businesses in ways like no other due to their educative and energizing nature. They’re a gateway to varied emotions, new experiences and vast knowledge.

You can explore the lives of others through theater productions and performances. Theaters also support self-expression, unity, interactivity and provides an acceptable setting for debate.


Despite being diverse, community theaters are welcoming and teach people how to treat each other in rightful, humane ways. Theaters give you a chance to explore what you love and are passionate about. You can easily begin a career a long your path of interest to work in a community theater, be it acting, writing or sewing costumes. Moreover, theaters support local economies and locals develop a sense of pride in their community theater. It gives locals a sense of membership in the community.


Our aim is to inform, teach and create awareness about the importance of drama and theater in local communities. We look forward to growing into a leading online resource for authoritative information on drama and theater.


The mission of Drama Turg is to provide information on the essence of drama and theater in communities, including the different types of theaters out there.

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