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The Role of Digital Tools in Increasing The Online Presence of Theater Actors

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Digital technology came as a blessing to theatre actors. Gone are the days you had to buy newspaper space to advertise your product.

Currently, everything is at the tip of your hands. With access to smartphones, information is at the tip of your hands.

As long as you have access to the internet, information, tips and guides are a click of a button away.

The pride of theatre actors is an increased fan. Imagine when you have a show, and the theatre hall is half full?

At that point, you have to rethink your marketing strategy or your level of theatre expertise.

Why do you think the actors need digital tools?

  • Increases fan base
  • Hastens production process
  • Support social connectivity
  • Enhances your creative skills
  • Offers affordable and straightforward marketing strategies

Although digital technology came as a saviour, it’s unrealistic to have all digital tools for your acting activities.

Some are free while the best are paid versions. Therefore, you need to run due diligence and check on areas of weakness and capitalize on those while using digital tools.

For example, if you are deficient in social media posting and management, you need scheduling tools to run repetitive tasks.

It helps to give you ample time to concentrate on more serious things.

What are the relevant tools ideal for theatre actors?

1. Website domain

The million-dollar question here is yes; there is the internet, which is just a technology protocol.

It’s an online street where everything in terms of information can be found. Now, as a theatre actor, how will people get you on the digital streets?

A website or blog is a secure online tool that acts as a shop where people can walk in and come out at will. As they walk in, what do they find?

  • Is your website user-friendly?
  • How is the visual outlook now that you are in the creative industry?
  • What makes people stay on your site?

All these questions can be answered using a reliable website domain. Authority Automation says to pick Bluehost over the competition because it is the best choice for a website for this specific population.

2. Social media networks

People must interact with you. You have to engage them as a way of showing solidarity with their fan support.

Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook are the most common social media platforms.

Youtube in specific is a must-have digital device; it throws you to the market with your humorous acting shots.

You can monetize it, but its main aim is to act as a marketing tool to ensure people know you.

It’s this that will direct them to your website to get more information.

3. Online marketing tools

The only way people can know of the existence of your shop is through marketing. Online marketing tools support the dissemination of information to the global market.

It promotes your theatre activities, unlike traditional media options.

Moreover, it comes with data analytics, which gives you a clear view of the success or failure of the marketing campaigns of choice.

4. Online payment systems

What if when you want to host a payable show? Don’t you think it’s essential to make your website a one-stop-shop?

Let everything be supported on the system. Once they show interest in attending your show.

Integrate an online payment system to avoid people thinking twice whether to purchase or not.

This controversy comes when the payment system is a process, mostly involve physical movement.

But, if it can be done at the tip of your hands, why not? Is that not an excellent way to increase revenue for your theatre business?

5. Digital communication tools

You have to communicate with your producers, video editors, theatre house managers, among other personnel in the industry.

Whatsapp groups are the norm in the digital market. With one word, you have sent a memo to all group members for quick action.

Emails and private messaging platforms are also a blessing to ensure you never miss important information for timely feedback.

It’s disgusting to wait for someone to reply to a text on social media. That’s how people have lost huge contracts.

These are must-have digital tools for you; however, the specific brand now depends on your target audience.

It’s crucial to involve digital experts on this to ascertain what works for you at that particular time.

Are you a theatre artist, are you using the analogue phone. If yes, then this is not a business for you.

You need to upgrade to a digital smartphone to enhance efficiency in the delivery of these services.

Theatrical Performance: What Goes into Every Drama Act Preparation Process

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The life of a new actor is a waiting game.

Waiting for the next acting project or audition is frustrating and loaded with unwanted stress and anxiety.

As a beginner artist, this can make you feel powerless because the progress of your career is totally reliant on other people.


Why wait?

The most empowering endeavor you can ever pursue as an actor is producing your own work. It gives insight into the theater industry and how it works and diversifies your artistic skills.

It takes a proactive attitude and action to excel in this industry. Pull a show together and put yourself in the limelight to get the reputation of a go-getter artist.

Let the industry know that you’re passionate about being an actor.


You’re not “just another actor” trying to make a career in the industry.


Where do you start and what do you have to do to prepare for a show? Here’s what goes into preparing a dramatic act for your first theatrical show:

4 Steps to Preparing an Acting Drama for a Theatrical Show

  1. Find a show

The first challenge in putting up your own show is selecting the right show.

Be realistic when choosing a show. Determine if you’ve got enough funds or the cast for a “Shakespeare.”

Is there an audience yearning to see your show? Do you have the right age or height to take up the role of your lead character?

Has a similar show been done in your city previously? If yes, what do you intend to do differently? Is it enough to stage the show again? Be honest when answering these questions.

Make sure you have enough resources to guarantee your show’s success. Find a show you can easily cast and suits your budget atop being versatile for staging.

Do research and go through various scripts to choose anything from modern shows to short plays by seasoned actors. Find script resource sites to begin your search for a show.

Alternatively, buy your favorite authors’ collections to find great plays. Look for hidden gems often overlooked by large acting companies.

To deliver something unique, think outside the box.

You also need to get rights to avoid getting sued.

However, the process for getting performance rights to produce a show can be sophisticated, long and tiring. What’s more, the rights are usually unavailable for varied reasons.


You can begin the process with an email to the script’s author. Do a simple Google search to find leads to the agent or publisher of the script to initiate a discussion with them.

Rights cost money, with pricing dependent on various factors such as season length, number of seats and whether the season is amateur or professional.

  • Find a good theater space

You need space to put up a drama act or show. You can find space in the following ways:

  • Hiring a “found space.”
  • Making submissions to theatre companies
  • Festival registration

Most theaters have submission seasons for accepting show proposals from the local community.

The submissions are made three months to a year before the onset of a performance season. So, organize yourself and prepare your proposal for submission.

Check theater websites of your city for upcoming submission seasons.

Email the company that manages the theater. Ask questions to get information, make better submissions and increase your chance of getting space.

“Found space,” on the other hand, involves finding a modern theater space and renting it for the period or season you’ll be using it. This is a perfect option if you intend to make your first show.

It gives you freedom and lets you reign over the entire season length without competition from other actors. Options include:

Look into the logistics before opting for any specific option. For instance, can you fit in seating and light the space? Can people easily get to the venue or is it too noisy?

If none of the factors above poses a challenge, choose your preferred space to begin making your first show.

You may also need a portable generator for power backup in case of blackout when rehearsing or putting up a performance. It may also come in handy later on when spending time outside with your cast.

Fringe Festivals are the best option for picking a festival to make a show. A large organization is available to assist you find the right space and sell your show’s tickets.

The pay-to-play scenario offers an excellent learning experience during the fringe season. It’s also profitable and offers lots of fun for attendees.

Fringe festivals occur worldwide every year. Find one near you before the next registration.

  • Putting a team together

The cast isn’t the draw card to a successful show as you may think. It’s actually the least important part of your production team.

You need a good director and producer. The producer will ensure that your business aspect is covered and get to sell some tickets for the show. On the other hand, the director is responsible for ensuring the show is up and looks good.

Theater has several jobs and for good reasons; every job or role requires a unique set of skills.

Find a stage manager to direct communication lines between the creative roles, cast and production team. The position also involves:

  • Setting up props
  • Organizing rehearsals
  • Fostering smooth running of the show every night.

Opt for designers to work on lighting, costumes, set, and sound for professional shows. Otherwise, hire freelance designers for simple productions.

Send emails to get contacts or reach out to people you’ve worked with before. People who love theater and work independently will be happy to work on inspiring shows with a great team.

Be accommodating and professional to fill up the roles in your team. Take up some roles if you want.


Seek professional advice first.

4. Cast your play

Use your connections and network to find the right cast for your show. You don’t have to audition people you know can take up specific roles because you trust them. Simply offer them parts.

Make sure each role is age appropriate; don’t let a 26 year old take up the role of a 50 year old in a show; that’s only allowed in drama school.

Use online casting resources and audition people in your local acting community to find actors.

Find space for auditions to make your project look professional. Allocate time, clarify how you want the audition done, and be clear about potential payments to those being auditioned.

Find people who’re passionate about drama and available to dedicate their time to rehearsals and actual show performances. The success of your show depends on a good cast.

Whether your first drama or show excels or fails, it’s simply a learning experience. Develop working relationships with professionals in the industry to get inspired and learn from them.

Playing Pingpong To Keep Theater Actors Physically Fit

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Working as a theater actor can be quite challenging. Not only are you using all of your emotions to convey a message to your audience, you often have to play pieces that are physically very straining as well. Most theater plays have dances in them that are quickly followed by intense acting or decor building. Staying physically fit as a theater actor is a must. But even though it is a great benefit to be fit, there are some alternatives that can be done instead of going out to gym. And instead of giving up physical activity to remain fit completely, we suggest another strategy; Pingpong.

The benefits of pingpong

Pingpong is a sport that, if done right, keeps you extremely fit and flexible for your theater practices. If done competitively enough, it will increase your cardio as you get tired from the long rallies with opponents of similar pingpong strength. An additional benefit is that playing pingpong on a regular basis increases your reaction speed. This is especially beneficial for theater actors that often have to act out quick monologue or strict dances.

Convenient for theater players

Playing pingpong to stay physically fit is especially convenient for theater players that are on the road a lot or that have performance times that vary per week which keeps them from creating a consistent training habit. Buying a pingpong table for theater actors to stay physically fit is perfect since they are often together before or after their practices, performances or rehearsals. They can play competitively or friendly games of ping pong before or after their shows to stay fit. This eradicates the need for the actors to go to the gym and allows them to remain fit nonetheless.

A fun game

besides keeping you fit, pingpong is a very fun game. When you get the hang of it (which is often quickly after you start playing) the games with your friends will become more and more competitive. Theater actors are often competitive by nature and will most likely enjoy the pingpong game. Having a pingpong table around and preferably insight will often spark the desire to play a nice game of pingpong before or after the theater practice. In no time, pingpong will be a fun game that unconsciously keeps those who play it fit for their plays and performances.


So are you a theater actor or a trainer who wants to keep himself or their team of actors fit, buy a pingpong table, some batches, and some pingpong balls and off you go. Before you know it, those pingpong balls are flying over the table like you’re in a Wimbledon stadium. You will get fit from playing pingpong if you keep playing competitively on a regular basis if you keep playing for a few weeks on end. And who knows, maybe you will discover some hidden pingpong talents!

How Router Tables Revolutionize Stage Productions

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Theatre acting is a very stylistic form of performance that requires a lot of attention. Acting to be provided with the best stage for showcasing what they have, a stage is perhaps the main element of performance in a theatre or showroom. There are many benefits that actors and the audience get from a quality stage. A stage allows the actors to directly and easily address their audience without having to strain. It also gives the actors permission to divide their house or class in order to display various aspects of performance. Nonetheless, a stage enables the actors to face the
audience or give them back when they want during the performance. Additionally, the audience is also permitted to have a clear vision of what is happening by viewing a performance on a raised platform.

However, stage performance in a theatre is usually made possible through the application of various woodworking tools. One of these tools is the router table. Have you ever asked yourself what is a router table and why is it important in a stage production? It’s a tool that contains a wide level base that can be mounted by various cutters and other instruments. It’s a very useful tool that has many benefits. Firstly, designing quality and standard stage involves a lot of activities such as making different cuts on fitting materials. Some materials need to be made in different shoes and sizes in order to fit in the given space. A router table allows the designer to make all the necessary cuts without any hindrances. Multiple cuts can also be made according to the requirements of the stage.

Secondly, a router table gives the highest precision in terms of measurement. Building a theatre stage requires a variety of measure materials with some of them being portable while others are permanent. A router table allows the worker to make the right measurements. It saves the time of the work simply because it permits him or her to carry out some procedures accurately and quickly than what other tools could have done.
Thirdly, most performances that are done in the theatre often rely on portable stages that can be modified any time the actors need. A router table is a very portable instrument that requires no installation procedures. It can be availed for use any time it’s required. It’s easier to set it up and make the necessary modifications that are needed during a given performance. Additionally, it’s very efficient in terms of performance especially after using it several times. Generally, it promotes stage production due to its portability and functions.

An ideal router table has a flat top, a miter plate, T-slots, and a flat base. Nevertheless, it should be made of materials that make it flat, rigid and stable. Preferably, go for the one that is made of phenolic material. These are some of the best characteristics of a router table.

Ideally, the best router table is Kreg PRS1045 which you can find in http://www.bestcabinettablesaw.com/router-tables-reviews/. It contains all the necessary features that will suit your needs effectively.

Why Theaters Should Have Electric Tankless Water Heater?

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Tankless water heater likewise alluded to as an “on-request” unit, is intended to warm water as required rather than a progressively conventional water radiator that stores warmed water. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, tankless water warmers offer various preferences. Envision getting high temp water when you require it while likewise sparing vitality. Tankless high temp water warmers, otherwise called on-request water radiators, give boiling water just when it is required so they don’t endure the vitality misfortune related with customary capacity water radiators. Tankless water warmers take up considerably less space than capacity water radiators as they warm the water specifically. When you turn on the high temp water, the cold water goes through a pipe and into the tankless water radiator unit where it is warmed by a gas burner or an electric component. This permits you a steady supply of heated water. By and large, tankless water warmers can give 2 to 5 gallons of high temp water every moment.


How is an electric tankless water heater good for theatre? Here is a look at some of the benefits:
Other than warming water on interest, there are numerous advantages to tankless water radiators like actors can have a warm bath after rehearsal and it’s also good for blood circulations. While the expense of a tankless model is more prominent than ordinary stockpiling models, tankless water radiators utilize less vitality and regularly last more. Numerous tankless models last over 20 years, versus 10 to 15 years for capacity models. Tankless water radiators likewise consume up to less room than their massive partners. They can be mounted on a divider in a wardrobe or in the storm cellar. Additionally, with the two gas and electric models accessible, that implies you don’t need to re-work the theatre foundation and put resources into expensive work serious establishment techniques. The fundamental preferred standpoint is that they wipe out the additional expense of holding 40 to 50 gallons of water hot in a capacity tank, so you squander less vitality. They additionally offer a consistent supply of high temp water, which is perfect for filling a major hot tub or a whirlpool. They are more minimized than a standard water radiator and mount on a divider.

Tankless water heater in theatre is a whole lot better than having a tank water heater, actors will be going to the theatre knowing they can have a warm bath after rehearsal and keeping them refreshed, it’s a huge upgrade compared to the typical. There’s no plausibility of flooding because of a cracked tank which in turn will keep the theatre safe. The most recent tankless water warmers gloat a few inventive highlights which further lift their security. For example, the latest models incorporate observing frameworks that give insights regarding water weight and stream. Just if there should be an occurrence of framework disappointment, the machine would in a split second kill the warmer. With the benefits written above, share this article so we can help electric tankless water heater install in every theater.

The Hardwork and Art Behind Creating Wooden Musical Instruments

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Wooden musical instruments are the oldest instruments. Wood has been the first choice of making good musical instruments for ancient people. The modern-day instruments are run by electric so they the material often matters less. But the music produced through the electronic instruments is not natural. For the natural and heart filling music, wooden instruments are matchless.

Why wood is considered great as the material of a musical instrument? There are plenty of reasons for choosing wood.
1. Wood is a light material. It can be cut and sized easily.
2. Different types of woods produce different types of sound. The versatility of wood is the key factor behind choosing this material.
3. Wood can be bend easily. Without many machines, Wood can be given a shape.
4. The sound that wooden musical instrument produce is sweet and natural.

The hard work behind wooden musical instruments
There were days when making a wooden instrument was not so easy. Now, there are many machines that help to make the instruments fast. Still, the hard work is noticeable, even in this modern age. The process of making musical instruments is not so easy. First of all the selection of wood is required. There are soft woods and there are hard woods. Different types of musical instruments require different types of woods. Then the cutting and chopping of woods are done carefully. The entire process depends on this technique of cutting. Sometimes raw woods are seasoned before cutting. After all these, right sections are cut off after measuring them. To give the sections polished look, woodworking tools are required.
All the unassembled parts are bent with the help of the apt woodworking tools. Here, one should know which woodworking tools are the most appropriate one. There are so many woodworking tools in the market. Pencils, tapes, glues, angles, saws, polishers, different types of joiners are required to make the musical instruments.
At last, after a long process, the parts are assembled properly. The description may sound easier. But believe it or not, hearing the right sound from the wooden instrument involves a lot of engineering and hard work.
The person who makes the wooden musical instruments must have years of experience. The creativity of that particular woodworker facts a lot. To make perfect wooden musical instruments hardworking and experience both are required.
How to make a customized wooden musical instrument
The first thing you require is training. Some need to attend woodworking classes bay area. Then you must have great woodworking tools. Having the best woodworking tools will give you an advantage. High-tech table saws and planers are also required to make a wooden instrument.

With patience and creativity, you can make customized wooden musical instruments. Tasmanian black wood is considered the best wood to make any musical instrument. To make flute you can use bamboo. For Guitar and Violin, you can use spruce. The Rosewood, Maple, and Mahogany are also used to make a hard body for the musical instruments. If you have the right wood and right woodworking tools, it will be easier for you to make wooden musical instruments.

Making the wooden musical instrument is definitely an art. The process of creating it is not easy and will really require hardwork. So the next time you see a wooden musical instrument, think of the people who worked for it to be a musical instrument.

Why Theater Actors Should Consider Getting Tankless Water Heaters

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We assume the life of a theater actor to be luxurious with less work to do and more to spend. I am sorry to burst your bubble, but it is nowhere near to that simple. Complicated and unscheduled, long working hours, late night shows, success parties, and many other things keep theatre actors on their heels. If you talk to these actors, then they would end up saying that the only relaxing time is when they go home, take a nice long shower, and retire to bed. So why don’t you guys elevate the relaxing shower experience by upgrading to tankless water heaters?

Having constant excess to hot water, especially when the temp drops, is what one wants these days. The water tanks have a limited storage of hot water, and so you have to adjust with it. This is normally a problem when you have multiple bathrooms and a high demand for hot water. So it is the time to ditch the heater tanks and go tankless. Here are some more benefits of getting tankless water heaters.

No More Cold Showers
When you come home after a tiring, long day at the theatre, you can have a relaxing warm water shower. This means you don’t have to wait at home for letting the water get warm or worrying if someone else at home has already used the hot water, and now you have to take a cold shower. Tankless water heaters can heat water on-demand, this means you will have warm water whenever you need it.

Multiple Tasks Using Hot Water
Another major issue with the traditional water heater is that you can’t use it at multiple locations at once, as the tank water will be insufficient. With tankless heaters, you get a continuous supply of warm water letting you use it for multiple tasks that require hot water.

More Lifespan
Yet another reason to get tankless heater is that of its long life. These heaters are originally built to last for quite long time (sometimes even more than a decade). They also come with a warranty of 10-15 years. This is more or less like the double life of normal heaters. So, get smart by updating to this smarter version on a water heater.

Consumes Less Electricity
You may have to pay a little extra while buying a tankless water heater, but over course of time, you end up saving extra money. These water heaters consume less electricity by heating water only when needed rather than wasting electricity and money by keeping a reservoir of hot water. This way it saves few bucks on the electricity bill, and also energy.

Saving Space
If you are confined when it comes to space at your place, then the tankless water heater is the best option for you These water heaters are just 1/5 of the size of normal tank water heaters. These are normally mounted on the top side of the wall, saving your floor space even more. Therefore, this system is best to save some of the space in your home.

There are many more benefits of using a tankless water heater like it saves water by using it only when it is required; thus, helping in conserving water resource. In addition, traditional water heaters start to rust and build mineral deposits with time This factor can be eliminated by using tankless water heaters. So next time you plan on changing the water heater system, go for the tankless type.

Why Theater Actors Need a Garment Steamer

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A garment steamer is a super-convenient option and by a significant update to an iron. Irons require pressing sheets, and in a little flat, a pressing block may consume room you can’t stand to part with Even in a great home, garments steamers may demonstrate more alluring than irons. They’re quick and uncommonly viable on woolens and materials suits, pantsuits, sweaters, sheets, and tablecloths. With only a steamer, a holder, and something to hang the holder on a shower-blind bar, you can un-wrinkle anything from a pullover to a blanket. Also, given their speed most create steam in under two minutes, and numerous in under one steamer are perfect for the morning surge. The previous evening’s unfurled clothing turns into the present outfit in a trice.

Actors Need clothing steamer to revive a wide range of texture. Try not to be tricked by the little bundle of this steamer. It’s a great device that will warm up in under 45 seconds and keep conveying continuous steam for 15 minutes. You can utilize it to get wrinkles out of your clothes, curtains, sheets, and virtually any texture. The profound steam infiltration expels scents, and can even murder dust parasites and bloodsuckers. Also, its little size makes it travel-accommodating, so you can without much of a stretch hurl it into your bag when you go on your next get-away with garment steamer model for your use especially stubborn wrinkles: This will impact everything without end.

The Jiffy Estream conveys ground-breaking consistent steam to destroy away even the hardest lines. On account of its liberally estimated water tank, the Jiffy Esteem gives you ceaseless steam. However, the gadget additionally figures out how to remain lightweight in contrast with different brands that offer similar water limits, and for its size, it warms up rapidly in less than a moment. The thin outline additionally makes it advantageous with a purpose to tuck into a corner without consuming up much space. The sticker price is somewhat higher than most, and it doesn’t accompany any connections for particular textures.

Expression of Caution When Using a Garment Steamer Textures or materials that can’t take warmth or dampness ought to never be steamed. If a piece of clothing is named launder no one but, steaming could harm or leave dampness spots on the texture. Utilize alert while heating, particularly with hues that could run – it’s in every case best to test a little territory inside a crease first. If all else fails, abandon it for the specialists at the laundry.

On the off chance that you have a steamer for your garments, you know how helpful it very well may be with regards to rapidly thumping out wrinkles in case you’re hurrying out the entryway or on an excursion for work. In any case, did you realize that there are a few different uses for an article of clothing steamer that can be joined into your housekeeping schedules? Despite whether you’re cleaning texture or a hard surface, you ought to dependably direct a spot test in a little subtle place before cleaning any surfaces with your steamer.

Experience The Magic Of Having Ping Pong Competition Match In The Thea

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Did you know that table tennis and ping pong are two different games? Before the year 2011, ping pong and table tennis were considered the same sport until it was established that both sports had different types of rules of play. Ping pong is viewed as a game of amateurs who have acquired skills as a hobby while table tennis is a professional sport with exclusively trained players.

Whichever the case, the game of ping-pong has come a long way since the 1900s and has evolved from the necessary back and forth hitting of the ping pong ball to showcasing unique ball and racket handling skills that no one else has.

The Theater

Just like in a sports field, a theater acts as a stage for highlighting various acts and skills in the game and the audience can appreciate. Ping pong is also an art, such that the audience will be able to see and connect with the players as they play and give much inspiration to the youth and children. It is also a great platform to meet new people, share ideas and also learn from others.

The Drama

Ping pong is a game of teams and intense competition, and theatres offer a great platform to express feelings of excitement, joy, and sadness while at the same time coming together to support the significant other. Imagine a competitive match between the best player in ping pong and the best player in table tennis coming together in a table tennis battle in a theatre. It would be a sight to behold; from criticism, to game analysis to the skill levels of the players.

The Matrix

There is so much that can be done from a ping pong competition match. You can create a dramatized art from a game of ping pong that is going to leave the audience happy or relieve the competition tensions. This involves making unimaginable moves like the “Matrix” movie to wow your audience. You can add lighting and intense sounds to magnify the feeling of being in such a game or to pass a particular message.

The Wow Factor

Some people go to competitions as fans to support their players; others go there to experience the atmosphere and check out the latest gear in the market. For example, you may be wowed by the efficiency of the racket, or you want to experience playing using the best ping pong table (http://www.bestpingpongtables.review/), unlike the one you may have left at home. And because brands like taking advantage of such events, you can buy some ping pong merchandise if you are a beginner and wants to start playing ping pong.

The Tricks

The stage is set for players who need to show that extra zing of their play to the amazement of their audience. It would be exciting to see players who can do tricks with their bodies as they play, such as acrobatics, dance, body flips or fantastic ping pong ball handling skills with their bodies.

The advantage of theatre stages is that they are wide enough for some activities as long as the players are experienced enough for their tricks mastery. Who knows? Maybe there are players out there great at maneuvering on the table tennis.