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Tips on How to Build Theater Seating

Written on October 15, 2018   By   in Tips

Everyone wants to have their own mini movie theater in their own house. Some think it’s not worth the cost and some believe that it’s difficult to do. However, when you get to do all the right things you need for that theater, you can bet that it’s worth it I mean, who doesn’t want to have a cinema-like experience while watching a movie right in the comfort of their own homes?
When it comes to creating your own mini-theater, seating is of the utmost importance. Without the proper seats, you won’t get to enjoy that movie you want to watch. Without further ado, here are some tips to build the best seats no matter what any job you have.

Ceiling Height

Assuming that the room isn’t large enough to accommodate a lot of seats, you’ll have to settle with at least six seats. It’s important to measure the height of your ceiling so you’ll get the right height and adjustments for your risers.
Having the right height means you won’t have a hard time seeing the front screen. You wouldn’t want to have a riser that’s either too tall or too short.


When it comes to a theater setting, a riser is an elevation on the floor so you can have a good view of the movie screen. Creating a riser is a critical aspect to consider if you want an excellent theater seating.

Creating the Risers

For a sixteen inch riser, you can use 2x2x12 and 2×4 wooden planks. Using nails to put them together, form a small elevation on the floor If you’re confused, try imaging a small set of stairs. The inside of the risers should also resemble an empty frame so that you can place acoustic foams and other materials that make sound better.
If you’re done with filling the spaces in between the riser frame, cover it up with the remaining planks. At this point, it’s important to note that there should be spaces carved into the corners of the floor that will serve as °Bass Traps .° These bass traps resemble small vents around your floor corners. Bass traps also absorb bass sounds that reverberate around the edges of your theater room.
You also have to have a good carpet for your floor. Good carpeting contributes to the overall sound quality of your theater room. In fact, most DIY installers use it on their walls to have a much crisp and clear sound.
(Note: The measurements of the materials depends on the size of the room)


When you follow the Tips on How to Build Theater Seating[1] above, you can be sure that you’ll have the best experience inside your horn. Building the right theater seats are often ignored, but once you put importance in those things, it contributes largely to that authentic theater experience.
All the details such as flooring, using sound improving materials, and even carpeting can go a long way to let you enjoy your movies at home. Spacing also matters so you’ll have a spacious room for seating. Speakers that are showing can be clunky and should be placed properly.

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